WCADI was founded in 1980. We recognized the global need for a computerized irrigation system that could meet all the needs of a given project on a real-time basis – without guesswork.

As a postgraduate of the water engineering department in the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) and as a farmer specializing in greenhouse flowers and vegetables Gaby identified the problems of irrigation design and developed a software which simplifiesirrigation design for both agricultural and environmental purposes.

Only three years later, Gaby and the WCADI talented team introduced the pioneer version of WCADI to the irrigation market. WCADI quickly gained a following over the next 30 years among engineers, farmers and landscapers, who found our flagship product dependable, precise and able to use water, energy, time and financial resources with better efficiency than ever before. Our total solution for multiple irrigation requirements has redefined the industry standard.

The flexible WCADI tools and modules are regularly tested and upgraded in response to customer’s feedback. WCADI continues to address the needs of our customers around the world by developing new tools and enhancing WCADI capabilities.